Orofacial Pain and Headache

Author : Yair Sharav
Rafael Benoliel

Edition : 1st Edition

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For decades the location of orofacial pain became completely dominated with the aid of the concept that most facial pains were because of ‘disturbed feature of the temporomandibular joint’. This became an method mounted through an otolaryngologist named Costen who related aetiology to derangements of the dental occlusion; facial pain become consequently handed over to dentistry. As a career we enthusiastically followed the remedy of facial pain but have for many years concentrated our efforts on a mechanistic approach to remedy. these events essentially segregated facial pain from headache, and in effect from mainstream medicine. 

As a end result perfect conditions had been set up in every of the 2 disciplines for the improvement of different strategies to the know-how of mechanisms and remedy of craniofacial pain. but, as our understanding of ache mechanisms, and specially chronic pain, developed, it became clear that facial ache has underlying neurophysiological mechanisms commonplace to headaches and other frame regions. Masticatory muscle pain become examined in light of different regional muscle pains, and control of the temporomandibular joint turned into related to, and brought in line with, simple orthopaedic ideas. most significantly, capabilities of some facial ache entities are very just like those of a few complications. Examples include masticatory myofascial ache and anxiety-type headache and a facial equivalent of migraine.


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