Orban’s Oral Histology and Embryology

Author : G. S. Kumar

Edition : 13th Edition

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the focus of this version is to offer the situation remember in a way that can be understood without problems at the same time without sacrificing details. For this motive we’ve incorporated textual content bins and flowcharts at suitable locations. The Molecular components of Oral Histology which the undergraduate students want now not understand have been eliminated from the published version of the textual content but now made to be had as on-line supplement (sources.clinicallearning.com).

 precis is to be had in this version with subheadings and it ought to be examine for a quick overview before examination. Age modifications in Oral Tissues is a brand new chapter, however a gist of it’s miles retained in individual chapters. extra color and stepped forward pleasant of illustrations enhances the fee of this ebook.

a sensible supplement for oral histology with photomicrographs of selected fields and diagrams crafted from them with some identification factors ought to be a welcome addition within the form of Atlas of Oral Histology e-book. The adjustments which are made in this version are because of wonderful comments from our readers. we are very thankful for them and hope to obtain greater precious tips for the development of the book.


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