Oral Cancer Surgery A Visual Guide

Author : Marco Kesting

Edition : 1st Edition

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Operative treatment for oral cancer is one of the most challenging in the whole surgery. The perioral region is the only area of the body that contains all types of tissue: muscle, bone, cartilage, skin, and mucosa. Due to this unique anatomy, ablative tumor surgery and reconstructive surgery are very complex. On the one hand, surgeons have extensive skills in handling soft tissue, handling microvascular techniques, and managing bone healing, including osteomyelitis. 

On the other hand, surgeons have to devise day strategies and strategies to predict any impending surgical problem. Since there is a large pool of obstructive and reconstructive processes, it is difficult for students, residents and young surgeons to ming nd ‘the right way to “survive in the operative wilderness”.

This book focuses on the major processes that offer young surgeons the possibility to solve almost any case of oral cancer. The basic principles are edited into a series of drawings and / or diagrams. Traditional approaches are combined with innovative techniques. Physical introductions relate previous knowledge to surgical procedures. Typically, recommendations about historical sites and techniques are given in an informative, sometimes an ecological style. The book’s compact and concise character should enable the resident to study, prepare, and recapitulate all the issues regarding oral cancer surgery in a short period of time.


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