Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Review: A Study Guide

Author : Din Lam
Daniel Laskin

Edition : 1st Edition

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While faced with a board or recertification exam, or simply looking to update your understanding in oral and maxillofacial surgical treatment, there may be continually the predicament of where to start and what and what kind of to have a look at. This evaluate e book is designed that will help you with this method. The format entails a detailed define of the essential objects of didactic and medical facts inside the 12 principal regions of oral and maxillofacial surgical operation combined with severa tables, summary charts, and beneficial mnemonics and surgical recommendations. each chapter is also supplemented with many clinical photos, diagrams, and photomicrographs, in which suitable. 

The diverse chapters have been every advanced via two authors: (1) a younger oral and maxillofacial healthcare professional who was board certified in current years and is therefore very familiar with the system and the content material, and (2) a greater senior doctor who has been a board examiner and/or concerned inside the recertification procedure and is consequently knowledgeable and experienced within the crucial scientific aspects of the distinctiveness. to apply this e-book as a assessment or take a look at guide, it’s far recommended that you first study every bankruptcy to determine what records is already familiar to you, what’s new and wishes to be discovered, and what are the regions in which you choice extra facts from different resources which include the list of advocated analyzing on the end of each bankruptcy. The closing fabric must then be annotated where indicated in the various chapters. The ebook now becomes your observe manual as well as a quick and clean manner to check the fabric once more just prior to the exam and a accessible reference source during clinical practice.


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