Non Ex Factors

Author : Raphael L. Greenfield

Edition : 1st Edition

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The usage of more than 7,000 pics and illustrations, and 1100 pages, Dr. Greenfield exhibits the standards and strategies vital to correctly diagnose and treat the maximum hard nonextraction instances with the maximum self assurance. If well timed, the clinician will own the expertise to deal with greater than 90% of his cases with a time examined (60 years), nonextraction approach.

Dr. Greenfield has blended his medical understanding acquired from treating more than 10,000 nonextraction cases in 30 years of personal exercise the use of the Coordinated Arch improvement® philosophy & approach, alongside along with his sizeable studies and exposure to hundreds of Dr. Norman Cetlin’s efficiently treated nonextraction cases greater than 25 years out of retention.

The textbook includes a reference library of forty eight nonextraction cases with flowcharts, emphasizing the flexibility, balance, and premier dental and facial esthetics of this philosophy.


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