Mucocutaneous Lesions in Dentistry

Author : Vijay Kumar Biradar

Edition : 1st Edition

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It’s far axiomatic in all branches of drugs that treatment is based on accurate diagnosis. The treatment of mucocutaneous lesions isn’t any exception to this axiom. there are many illnesses that affect the orofacial vicinity of the frame. of those, many appear as oral manifestations of dermatologic diseases of the frame, while others are purely neighborhood oral sicknesses. a number of these sicknesses, if now not dealt with, may additionally complicate numerous tissues of the body. 

This e-book, Mucocutaneous Lesions in Dentistry, offers with classification, etiopathogenesis, scientific functions, histopathological features, diagnosis, differential analysis, remedy and analysis of every mucocutaneous lesion. This isn’t a textbook, however a subject guide to mucocutaneous analysis. There have been an extended-standing call for from BDS and MDS students for a e-book of “Oral Manifestations of Dermatologic Lesions” which would help them in providing a deductive method of technique in mucocutaneous prognosis. 

This e-book is established to cowl the important factors of mucocutaneous lesions for undergraduate and postgraduate college students. It consists of 20 chapters with medical and histopathological pix and references.


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