Author : Maria J. Troulis
Leonard B. Kaban

Edition : 1st Edition

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Since its beginnings,minimally invasive surgery,with its shrunken morbidity, shortened hospital keep, and faster recovery, has been particularly well accepted by the patients whom it advantages.Surgeons of the many disciplines,often driven by the general public, have additionally embraced minimally invasive surgery, and it’s become the quality of take care of several conditions. 

This book was planned in 1996, once David Perrott and that i had the concept to develop a completely buried,miniature,automated distraction device that would be placed victimisation minimally invasive scrutiny techniques.

The book was born once we employed Dr. Maria Troulis as our second AO/ Synthes/Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Fellow in paediatric Craniomaxillofacial Surgery. throughout her biennial fellowship, Maria worked inexhaustibly with our cluster to develop a minipig model for distraction osteogenesis and to develop the technique for scrutiny access to the bone outgrowth unit for placement of the miniature devices to come back.


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