MCQs in Pediatric Dentistry

Author : Puneet Goenka
Nikhil Marwah

Edition : 1st Edition

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The challenge of Pedodontics is extremely widespread because it contains of essence of all the dental specialities. it’s far very hard to gather entire data bearing on this issue in a single ebook, mainly in terms of taking entrance examinations. even though there are a number of textbooks in the speciality these days to be had within the market but there’s a exact loss of books touching on the more than one preference questions. 

This e-book has been prepared preserving in thoughts the endorsed curriculum of Dental Council of India and most of the deemed universities of India. The USP of this e book is that it now not simplest covers the whole Pedodontics syllabus in chapterwise format however also includes closing 10 years questions within the concern. 

This may not handiest assist the doorway aspirants but also assist the undergraduate and postgraduate college students as MCQs have turn out to be an quintessential part of their written examinations and Viva-voce. that is an earnest attempt to equip the scholars with all of the essential statistics in Pedodontics so as to help them prepare for examinations.


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