MCQs in Oral Pathology

Author : Sundeep S Bhagwath

Edition : 1st Edition

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I felt that there may be a need for a ebook on more than one preference questions (MCQs) for the undergraduate dental students. MCQs have emerge as the format of desire for most of the competitive entrance examinations international. MCQs also are an necessary a part of undergraduate examinations in clinical topics. The purpose they’re preferred is, because of the reality that, they’re easy to evaluate and correctly verify the objective considering the applicants. This book is designed to cater to the desires of undergraduate dental students undergoing a observe in the subject of oral and maxillofacial pathology. 

It includes all the pertinent areas protected under this subject and tries to inculcate inside the students an endeavor to discover the horizons of this concern. The questions had been framed preserving in thoughts in particular the undergraduate dental college students as not many such assets are to be had to them. i am hoping that the students make complete use of this resource. In case of any authentic errors, the mistake is entirely from my side and that i shall be more than happy to entertain queries and criticisms


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