Manual of Temporomandibular Joint

Author : Shivlal Rawlani

Edition : 1st Edition

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it’s miles a proud second for us to present a comprehensive compilation of temporomandibular joint pathologies. The e-book is an outcome of a considerable compilation of records, both literature-sensible and scientific, concerning the various situations afflicting the temporomandibular joint. Temporomandibular joint disorders are robotically encountered in our day-to-day medical exercise. Temporomandibular joint pathologies include a wide range of problems ranging from developmental, infective to neoplastic. 

sufferers with temporomandibular joint problems might also resent to everybody inclusive of a dentist, recurring own family health practitioner or  ENT healthcare professional. best prognosis and control is a key issue in maintaining the fitness-care standards. 

This book offers with a radical and precise, pointwise discussion and compilation of information relating applicable temporomandibular joint, development, anatomy, type, imaging, clinical presentation, control  and correlation of temporomandibular joint disorders when it comes to an expansion of dental specialties. it’s miles supported by using explicit sketches and illustrations, line diagrams and especially, scientific photographs of maximum of the conditions affecting temporomandibular joint.


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