Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist

Author : Pushkar Mehra
Richard D’Innocenzo

Edition : 2nd Edition

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This manual is a guide and replace for the overall dentists who revel in performing minor oral surgical procedure of their workplace. It is supposed to aid such “surgical procedure‐minded dentists” carry out tactics extra quick, easily, without problems, and safely. The clean to read and concise layout additionally make it an vital tool for dental students as it lets in them to increase an understanding of basic oral surgery ideas with targeted emphasis on case selection, step‐by‐step operative techniques, and the prevention and/or management of complications. 

The revel in of dentists in minor oral surgical procedure is pretty various and even as some have had large experience and schooling thru widespread exercise residencies, military or other postgraduate applications, or a mentoring enjoy with an experienced practitioner, others have had most effective minimal preparation and schooling. Use of this handbook will diminish a number of this discrepancy among skilled and inexperienced generalists and provide the important, modern-day know-how base for the interested clinician.


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