Management of Dental Emergencies in Children and Adolescents

Author : Klaus W. Neuhaus
Adrian Lussi

Edition : 1st Edition

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Dental emergency conditions are frequently demanding because of the patient’s pain, or because of time constraints at the dentists’ facet. whilst youngsters or youth suffer dental emergencies, the situation might be even greater hard due to the patients’ age, the concerned patients, no longer hardly ever accompanied by way of loud screaming. 

in this placing it’s far demanding for the dental team to remain quiet and provide the essential and thoughtful remedy. This book objectives at supplying a few help to dental practitioners for you to higher manipulate probably disturbing conditions with youngsters and adolescents in the dental workplace. the focus lies at the control of therapeutic demands. 

The content material of this ebook isn’t absolutely new. know-how can be acquired from books on dental traumatology, cariology, pediatric dentistry, endodontology, or orthodontics. but, this is the first time that a textbook mainly emphasizes how to manage emergency situations with young patients best, and which remedies potentially might be supplied as soon as the extreme emergency is over.


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