Mahajan & Gupta Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine

Author : MC Gupta
BK Mahajan

Edition : 4th Edition

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The previous few years have witnessed a fast progress within the field of Community drugs. There was a felt want for publication of AN updated fourth edition of this book when a niche of few years. several new ideas have arisen and far a lot of modifications are incorporated over the past methods. we predict this edition also will meet the expectations of the medical and nursing students, likewise because the students of Public Health, academics of Community drugs and also the program implementers of health services. 

Most the chapters are completely revised and updated; notably among those square measure medical specialty, communicable and noncontagious diseases, MCH and birth control, management, sociology and statistic, disaster, medical specialty waste management, food and nutrition, immunisation, geriatrics, communication, etc. National Health Programs have additionally been completely revised and updated. New information are incorporated, where applicable. 

Latest SRS and census information have additionally been enclosed. numerous domains that square measure of importance, each in theory, sensible and oral exam of MBBS examination are highlighted with examples and justification. several postgraduate study materials have additionally been incorporated with references for any reading. numerous flow charts, diagrams and footage are introduced for clarity of understanding. Students are benefited for his or her preparation in respondent MCQ for his or her Postgraduate test.


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