Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist

Author : Demetra D. Logothetis

Edition : 2nd Edition

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Prepare for practice with the sole book on local anaesthesia written specifically for dental hygienists! local anaesthesia for the skilled worker , 2nd Edition, provides complete instructions for the safe and effective administration of local anaesthesia . 

Written by noted dental hygiene educator Demetra Logothetis, the primary edition won a 2012 PROSE mention award. This edition adds a replacement chapter on children and adolescent patients, plus new coverage of anesthetic agents and advanced techniques. 

With colorful and detailed illustrations showing gross anatomy and many clinical photos of injection techniques, also as discussions of the Human Needs Paradigm to market patient-centered care, this reference prepares you for fulfillment on board exams and confidence in practice.


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