Journal of Prosthodontics on Complex Restorations

Author : Nadim Z. Baba
David L. Guichet

Edition : 1st Edition

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Patients often have a myriad of complex dental restorative challenges. Prosthodontists, restorative dentists and other team members are called upon to resolve these dilemmas. In most instances, established protocols are available. More imaginative techniques are often applied in the construction and delivery of complex tasks, including nontraditional work CAD ows and new CAD / CAM solutions. 

Examples of this are in the field of 3D manufacturing technology, which has come of age with dental digital design software and machine-qualified high-power esthetic materials. As new information, materials and techniques become available, the Journal of Prosthodontics shares its development. These authors have attempted to position their work in the context of traditional approaches in order to draw the reader to historical standards and to distinguish the new from the tried and true. 

This book is a collection of notable works on the subject of complex dental restorations. The editors have identities in six areas where Signi have Kent development in the area of complex dental restorations. Selected articles either describe highly articles ned, traditional techniques or highlight the use of new, innovative processes. These articles represent the best application of techniques available to patients requiring complex dentistry. Fundamentals of Successful prosthodontic rehabilitation works as a framework against which all these articles have been evaluated.


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