ITI Treatment Guide Volume 10

Author : ITI

Edition : 10th Volume

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This latest volume within the ITI Treatment Guide series starts out with the foremost recent statements and proposals from the 5th ITI Consensus Conference, followed by an in depth protocol for the evaluation and treatment planning of patients with esthetic demands requiring single-tooth replacement with a implant . 

Various surgical situations commonly encountered within the esthetic zone are presented along side recommended treatment protocols. additionally , the various aspects of clinical management of the planned implant site (before and after placement) are discussed including the utilization of provisional prostheses, laboratory communication, abutment design, restorative material selection, and delivery of the definitive restoration. 

Fourteen complex case presentations form the core of this volume with step-by-step descriptions of procedures for achieving stable long-term esthetic outcomes. This volume provides a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to single-tooth replacement within the esthetic zone, from consultation to follow-up, with attention on current treatment modalities and therefore the materials that present-day implant dentistry has got to offer so as to support clinicians in their decision-making processes.


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