Implants in Esthetic Zone

Author : Ueli Grunder

Edition : 1st Edition

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Written by a distinctly respected and progressive health care professional, this e book gives an unconventional implant remedy strategy for the esthetic recovery of anterior tooth that has verified powerful over years of medical revel in.

further to reviewing biologic ideas, remedy planning, symptoms, esthetic evaluation, and prosthetic alternatives, the author focuses on elements including gentle tooth extraction, specific implant positioning, criteria for one- and -stage implant placement, and most significantly, a wide variety of soft tissue control strategies in his technique. 

This e book also presents strategies to improve the esthetic outcome of any dental implant remedy, irrespective of treatment approach. With greater than four,000 clinical pics and illustrations of all procedures and techniques mentioned, this tour de force by means of a frontrunner in implant dentistry increases the reader’s consciousness of the excessive needs of implant dentistry and how clinicians can gain choicest effects.


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