Implant Site Development

Author : Michael Sonick
Debby Hwang

Edition : 1st Edition

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it’s far human instinct to attempt for rejuvenation. In dentistry, this pursuit is fostering amazing leaps ahead in implant dentistry and bone regeneration. This e book introduces and makes clear these latest innovations to all clinicians. it is a decision-making companion, a literate mentor that courses the dentist through treatment making plans, remedy, and observe-up.

there is no surgical guide as complete, thorough, and clinically slanted, however scientifically sound. clinical leaders take readers on a photographic adventure thru instances and facilitate them in answering maximum fundamental questions concerning patient selection, prosthetic options, ridge augmentation, and implant placement. the collection of professionals featured right here and the smooth-to-digest way wherein they define scientific techniques will provoke all readers.

We aspect ever in the direction of restoring to our patients their herbal form and function; this newsletter assists us on that undertaking.


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