Implant Restorations A Step by Step Guide

Author : Carl Drago

Edition : 4th Edition

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It is a special honor, unique gift, and distinct privilege to write down the preface to the present Fourth Edition of Implant Restorations by Dr. Carl Drago. I even have long been conversant in the wisdom, generosity, and galvanizing work of Dr. Carl Drago. In fact, I smiled broadly and deeply when Dr. Drago invited me to write down the preface for this important, fourth edition of his pathfinding work. As an educator and a developmental psychologist with deep appreciation and love for the miracle and magic of how we make our way into and thru life – professionally also as personally – I can attest to the present book as a present of affection and expertise. 

As Dr. Drago’s sister, I can attest to the ways it reflects his wisdom and deep commitment to creating a difference during this world. In Implant Restorations, Dr. Drago shares with students and colleagues of implant dentistry all that he has learned and discovered about this subject throughout his lifetime of dedication to helping people to feel better about themselves and to feel better about their smiles. 

I can share with you something of my knowledge of and relationship with Dr. Carl Drago over my very own lifetime. Although I don’t know the art and science of implant restoration, I do know Dr. Drago. As mentioned, Dr. Carl Drago is my brother. My big brother, in fact. Often, and particularly now as I write these words, thinking of Carl and therefore the work that he does with care, with gentleness, and amorously makes me smile.


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