Immunological Aspects of Oral Diseases

Author : L.Ivanyi

Edition : 1st Edition

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The modern practitioner is expected to be the fountainhead of all knowledge related to traditional management and relevant management in the field of practice. In addition, they have the challenging task of understanding the advances in basic science relevant to the pathogenesis of the disease and the ways in which these processes can be regulated or prevented. 

Immunology has grown from the era of anti-toxins and serum sickness to a state where the study of many diverse cells and molecules has been integrated into a coherent scientific discipline with major implications for many common and serious diseases prevalent worldwide. 

Many physicians today have received little or no specialized training in immunology and are very likely to overtake the developments that were taught. This series of titles on IMMUNOLOGY and MEDICINE are designed to correct this deficiency in the form of distilled packages of information that busy physicians, pathologists, or other health care professionals will be able to open and enjoy.


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