Immediate Loading in Implant Dentistry

Author : V. Jiménez-López

Edition : 1st Edition

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With the fast progression of implant techniques, immediate implant loading is at the innovative of wherever we have a tendency to ar taking our patients. Shortening the time between implant placement and loading the implant is taking osseointegration to new frontiers.

This book sets out rules to elucidate the concerns for immediate loading, stressing the necessity for advanced data in implant medical specialty. It deals with the numerous immediate loading choices, from single jaw or inframaxillary tooth implant placement, to complete jaw rehabilitation. These ar mentioned and followed up with numerous case studies.

Surgical techniques for immediate loading of single teeth ar mentioned well, starting from those sites with adequate height and breadth of bone — to the tougher cases following tooth extraction and loss of labial bone. several attention-grabbing and challenging cases ar represented, as an example mistreatment 2 implants to mimic the basis of a molar tooth to offer a lot of stability. many factors ar mentioned once considering immediate loading of hybrid prostheses within the jawbone, together with the thought of putting a lot of implants. Countersinking isn’t suggested, because the implant must be embedded in animal tissue bone.


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