Illustrated Manual of Injectable Fillers

Author : Neil S. Sadick
Paul J. Carniol
Deborshi Roy
Luitgard Wiest

Edition : 1st Edition

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There are a growing number of filler materials available, varying in their composition and optimal usage. In order to obtain the optimal results, it is important to understand each filler; this includes not only how to use it but also the limitations of each of these materials. It is also important to have an understanding of potential complications in order to be able to minimize their incidence and of how to treat any complications if they occur. With the rapid growth in information availability, our patients hear about new techniques and new products, sometimes even before their uses and limitations have been thoroughly evaluated. 

This rapid spread of “information” makes it more important for medical professionals to have a thorough understanding. Only through detailed analysis, patient education, and precise treatments can we achieve successful results and happy patients. In addition to facial fillers, this book includes a volumetric approach to rejuvenation of other parts of the body. Our unique multidisciplinary perspective offers insight into how to diagnose visible aging in the context of volume loss. 

Our approach to facial aging takes into account all layers of the face. This book includes detailed techniques for facial analysis and diagnosis of aging conditions. For rejuvenation of the upper face, we discuss advanced techniques involving the forehead, glabella, temple, and lateral brow complex. We introduce some of our new techniques for periorbital rejuvenation, especially for treatment of the nasojugal groove. The midface is one of the areas most affected by volumetric loss in aging. We illustrate some of our new techniques in this area for treatment of the malar and submalar complex as well as the nasolabial folds.


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