Human Tooth Crown and Root Morphology

Author : G. Richard Scott
Joel D. Irish

Edition : 1st Edition

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This quantity is, first and essential, an affidavit to the legacy of Regent’s Professor Christy G. Turner II, whose prescience and a long time of tough paintings made dental morphology a good sized vicinity of studies in physical anthropology. After Christy’s premature passing in 2013, GRS initiated the Christy Turner legacy project, which concerned scanning a mountain of records sheets, slides, and computer printouts so that they could now not be misplaced to the silverfish within the back bedroom/library. 

Without the aid of Christy’s youngest daughter, Korri, and his 2nd wife, Olga Pavlova, this project could no longer had been possible. They continually make me sense like a part of the family, and i’m able to only wish our efforts now and in the future do justice to Christy’s reminiscence, his circle of relatives, and the broader discipline of dental anthropology. 

The authors would like to understand several individuals who played critical roles inside the manufacturing of this guidebook. First, we thank Cambridge college Press for their unstinting assist of physical anthropology in standard and dental anthropology particularly. Editors at the press, specifically Caroline Mowatt and Dominic Lewis, are stated for their many services that led to the manufacturing of this quantity.


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