Author: Frederic H. Martini
Robert B. Tallitsch
Judi L. Nath

Edition: 9th Edition

Download HUMAN ANATOMY 9th Ed

A fresh voice strengthens a visually compelling, classic human anatomy text

Revered for its groundbreaking, atlas-style format, detailed illustrations, and exceptionally clear photographs, Human Anatomy has long been known for its quality and class , also as its scope and level of coverage. Accomplished author and award-winning educator Judi Nath joins the writing team, bringing a fresh voice, enhanced accuracy, and a transparent , engaging literary genre to the 9th Edition.

The remake builds upon the legacy of previous editions and includes expanded clinical content to assist students specialise in the kinds of diseases and injuries they’re likely to encounter in their future careers; visually stunning Spotlight Figures in every chapter to guide students through complex topics; and new features that focus students on the key point in each section and use simple analogies and memory devices to assist students remember facts and ideas .

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