Author: Luciano Tavares Angelo Cintra

Edition: 1st Edition


Regeneration is the replica or reconstitution of a lost or broken tissue thru the formation of a brand new one which could reproduce the form, structure and function of unique tissues. Tissue regeneration is a complicated manner that wishes a series of molecular events, including cellular adhesion, migration, multiplication and differentiation. 

Tissue engineering is an interdisciplinary science that applies the principles of engineering and organic sciences so that it will develop organic substitutes for tissues and injured and/or lost organs. inside the scientific subject, those strategies are already used and are widely mounted. 

But, they have been used maximum recently for concepts of tissue engineering in dentistry. The success of science relies upon on 3 fundamental pillars: cellular responsiveness (now not necessarily stem cellular-based); molecular induction (protein structures that are capable of inducing cellular reaction) and scaffolds (systems that mimic the extracellular matrix and function a aid for mobile boom).

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