Global Diagnosis

Author : Jeffrey S. Rouse
J. William Robbins

Edition : 1st Edition

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Global designation may be a story of mentorship and friendly relationship. we have a tendency to 1st met once Jeff  was a dental student and Bill was a full-time  academic, thus our relationship started as a student/mentor relationship. Jeff  completed a 2-year general observe residency and came back to full-time  non-public observe in San Antonio. when a couple of years in observe, Jeff  urged Bill to depart teachers and to hitch Jeff ’s observe.

That’s once our friendly relationship began. we have a tendency to practiced along for many years, and professionally it had been a awfully wealthy time for each folks. we have a tendency to grew tons as people and as colleagues. we have a tendency to conjointly began teaching and instruction along. 

This was the genesis of our teaching partnership, CORE dental medicine, that remains alive and well nowadays. when a couple of years, we have a tendency to separated our observes as Jeff  pursued graduate coaching in prosthodontia and Bill started his solo non-public practice. However, we have a tendency to continuing to find out and teach along. we have a tendency to shared the goal of providing high-level knowledge domain dental medicine to our patients.


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