Gingival Recession Management

Author : Adrian Kasaj

Edition : 1st Edition

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This book is designed to function a clear and concise clinical guide that covers all components of the modern control of gingival recession, with a particular cognizance on surgical strategies with the adjunctive use of autogenous tissues or smooth tissue substitutes for recession coverage. 

 The gingiva is an necessary part of the periodontium that covers the cervical portions of the tooth and the alveolar methods of the jaws. In health, the intently tailored gingival tissues offer powerful safety in opposition to mechanical trauma and bacterial invasion and additionally play a crucial position in aesthetics. therefore, a recession of the gingival margin no longer only influences the classy appearance but can also motive several negative effects due to exposure of the root floor. 

This chapter offers a definition of gingival recession and gives a basic evaluation of the anatomical characteristics of the gingiva. A simple information of the macroscopic and microscopic features of healthy gingiva is a precondition for accurate assessment and treatment of gingival recession defects.


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