Fundamentals of Oral Histology and Physiology

Author : Arthur R. Hand
Marion E. Frank

Edition : 1st Edition

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Fundamentals of Oral Histology and Physiology may be a textbook for dental students. The aim of the book is to integrate oral histology and physiology, presenting the concepts of those disciplines that are relevant to clinical dentistry during a thorough but concise manner. Most dental students studying oral histology and physiology will have already got or are currently obtaining a background within the basic medical sciences, including cell and biology , biochemistry, genetics, general histology and physiology and immunology. 

Thus this text focuses on the histology and physiology that students got to know to practice dentistry and to know and evaluate the present literature, without repeating the essential information that they learn in other courses. The book is organized into five sections, each including two or three relevant chapters: Development, with chapters on the embryonic development of the top , face, and mouth and therefore the development of the teeth; 

The Teeth, with chapters on enamel, and dentin, pulp, and tooth pain; Tooth and Jaw Support, with chapters on the periodontium, tooth eruption, and therefore the temporomandibular joint; Mucosal Structure and performance , with chapters on the oral mucosa and mucosal sensation, and chemoreception and perception; and Oral Effectors, with chapters on salivary glands and saliva, orofacial pain, touch, thermosensation, and sensorimotor function, and speaking .


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