Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry: Prosthodontic Principles

Author : John Beumer III
Robert F. Faulkner
Kumar C. Shah
Peter K. Moy

Edition : 1st Edition

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Some hold that the concept of restoring lacking dentition with osseointegrated implants has had a more effect at the exercise of dentistry than any new era added during the last half of century, and we’re willing to agree. In this newsletter, we’ve tried to make the reader aware of the boundaries of this era and offer a prescription for the clinician, or a system if you will, with the intention to make certain the best diploma of success. 

In latest years, it has been recounted that implant dentistry is driven with the aid of the prosthodontic needs of the patient, and so this volume of our -extent collection is dedicated to implant prosthodontics. Although this textbook is dedicated to designing and fabricating implant-retained prostheses.

We’ve also attempted to offer prosthodontic views of the most generally employed surgical methods used to facilitate the bone and soft tissues of the potential implant websites which have evolved during the last 30 years. Despite the fact that this article is centered often on implant prosthodontics, we are hoping our colleagues in surgery will discover the contents of this e book interesting and pertinent to the issues they face in their daily exercise. We are nicely aware that many are requested to provide advice and counsel to their restorative colleagues.


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