Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology

Author : Frederic H. Martini
Judi L. Nath
Edwin F. Bartholomew

Edition : 10th Edition

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The tenth version of basics of Anatomy & physiology is a complete textbook that fulfills the desires of today’s students even as addressing the concerns of their professors. We focused our attention on the question “How can we make this records significant, practicable, and comprehensible?” during the revision manner, we drew upon our content knowledge, research abilities, creative abilties, and years of study room experience to make this edition the fine but. The vast adjustments to this version are provided in the New to the tenth edition phase beneath, and the particular modifications are offered in the bankruptcy-by-bankruptcy adjustments within the 10th version phase that follows.

 New to the 10th version

similarly to the various technical modifications on this edition, inclusive of updated facts and anatomy and physiology descriptions, we’ve got made the subsequent key changes:

NEW 50 highlight Figures offer incredibly visual one- and two-page displays of tough topics inside the e-book, with a particular focus on physiology. in the tenth edition, 18 new spotlight Figures have been brought for a complete of 50 across the chapters. there is now as a minimum one spotlight discern in every chapter, in addition to one highlight parent corresponding to every A&P Flix. 

NEW 29 clinical instances get students influenced for their future careers. every chapter opens with a story-based scientific Case related to the bankruptcy content and ends with a clinical Case Wrap-Up that contains the deeper content knowledge students may have won from the bankruptcy.


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