Functional Occlusion From TMJ to Smile Design

Author : Peter Dawson

Edition : 1st Edition

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There may be a number one guideline that embraces the whole problem of occlusion from the TMJs to grin design. it’s far that the teeth are however one part of the masticatory device, and if the teeth are not in equilibrium with all the other elements of the overall gadget, some thing is likely to break down. because of this to be a definitely equipped “teeth physician” one have to be a “masticatory gadget health practitioner.” No distinctiveness in dentistry may be efficiently practiced at the best level of competence without an understanding of how the teeth relate to the rest of the masticatory machine, inclusive of the TMJs. 

Dentists who forget about the TMJs can by no means be able in smile layout or in diagnosing or treating occlusions. Dentists who forget about occlusion can in no way be in a position in diagnosing or treating troubles of the TMJs. Dentists who forget about the relationship of the occlusion to the position and condition of the TMJs can only wager at diagnosing a myriad of problems that are seen in every standard practice . . . 


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