Full-Arch Implant Rehabilitation

Author : Arun K Garg

Edition : 1st Edition

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The purpose of this book is to elucidate and illustrate the way to treat the edentulous or nearly edentulous patient via a full-arch implant rehabilitation (FAIR) protocol. FAIR is one among the newer innovations in implant therapy to alleviate the functional and esthetic misery of a growing worldwide demographic of edentulous patients numbering within the millions. 

The FAIR protocol offers full-arch prostheses that are immediate, fixed, loaded, esthetically pleasing, highly functional, inexpensive, maintainable, and really reliable. The protocol’s low-morbidity surgical and provisional restoration techniques are accomplished during a single visit with usually only four or five implants, including posterior tilted implants that cash in of the patient’s available bone, often eliminating the necessity for bone grafting. 

The book begins with a two-chapter history of the tremendous progress in dental implantology treatment over the last 40 years, due in large part to advances in digital imaging and materials technology for both implants and prostheses. Subsequent chapters describe the specific methods for selecting and treating patients to revive their full-arch function and esthetics.


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