Fixed Prosthesis with Vertical Margin Closure

Author : Andrea Fabianelli
Ezio Bruna

Edition : 1st Edition

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to place it any other manner, dentistry has many “clinical Paradigms” (Kuhn TS, 1962), which are frequently incorrect and deceptive. as an example: recall a commonplace idea; implants can solve the problem of edentulism. in recent times this has prompted a flow closer to the extraction of compromised teeth, that are in fact, frequently restorable. 

but, a evaluation of the literature reminds us that implant prosthodontics is often higher risk than conventional traditional tooth-borne prosthodontics. In this case, the paradigm shift is clearly in blunders. for that reason this article, written in partnership with my buddy Andrea Fabianelli, deals in particular with topics regarding conventional prosthodontics, that are nonetheless now not considered to be out of vogue.

 this article represents a procedural guide to the fabrication of complete veneer crowns with vertical margin design. a number of the cases percentage a commonplace conceptual framework with horizontal margin design; however, all the standards combine to acquire the purpose of a great cease-factor.


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