Fiber-reinforced composites in clinical dentistry

Author : Martin A. Freilich

Edition : 1st Edition

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several years in the past our studies group at the university of Connecticut became intrigued through the question of why fiber-strengthened composite materials, which had been used effectively in a selection of industrial packages, had been now not greater broadly used in dentistry. After a careful evaluate of the literature and a few initial studies, it have become clear to us that using fiber-strengthened composites in current dental packages was compromised through 3 vital boundaries: low fiber content, inadequate fiber wetting, and the difficulty of manipulating unfastened fibers. through the development of pre-impregnation technology, which has served because the number one attention of our research group during the last 10 years, these troubles have been largely overcome. 

Fiber-reinforced materials have quite favorable mechanical properties, and their electricity-to-weight ratios are superior to those of maximum alloys.while compared to metals they provide many other blessings as properly, including noncorrosiveness, translucency, correct bonding houses, and ease of restore. since they also offer the ability for chairside and laboratory fabrication, it is not surprising that fiber-strengthened composites have ability for use in many packages in dentistry.

even as early clinical trials demonstrated lots of our standards, the want for stepped forward laboratory and medical techniques soon have become apparent. a few approaches have been delicate, and additional applications were studied in both the laboratory and the health facility. Our studies organization has collaborated with the Jeneric/Pentron enterprise to expand a pre-impregnated, fiber-reinforced composite substructure fabric tradenamed FibreKor. Ivoclar has used a comparable pre-impregnation technology to provide a fiber-bolstered composite cloth, also for use in constant prosthodontics, tradenamed Vectris. each of those commercially to be had systems are being utilized by a growing variety of dental practitioners.


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