Facial Volumization An Anatomic Approach

Author : Christopher Surek
Jerome P. Lamb

Edition : 1st Edition

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Bryan Mendelson said it best: “Human beings are the sole species on the earth whose age shows on their face.” Treating the aging face is one among the good challenges of aesthetic surgery, and volume replenishment may be a critical component of the treatment algorithm. 

Although volumi— zation techniques are commonly performed, they’re still relatively subjective, and that they are often supported injector’s “aesthetic eye.” As anatomists and surgeons, we believe a robust knowledge of facial anatomy is critical for an injec— tor to be accurate. safe, and consistent when performing facial volumization. Although there are several published works about the individual components of the face, there has not been a comprehensive synthesis of facial anatomy specific to injection techniques. 

This book is meant to bridge the gap between the anatomy lab and your injection clinic. We shall distill high—yield, clinically relevant anatomical details of commonly injected regions of the face and to guide the clinician within the safe conduct ofthese procedures.


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