Facial Trauma Surgery From Primary Repair to Reconstruction

Author: Amir H Dorafshar
Eduardo D Rodriguez
Paul N Manson
Edition: 1st Edition

Download Facial Trauma Surgery From Primary Repair to Reconstruction

The idea for the genesis of this textbook originated from being invited to co-author a book chapter on facial trauma with Drs. Eduardo Rodriguez and Paul Manson within the fourth edition of Neligan’s cosmetic surgery textbook. In helping to co-author this book chapter i noticed that to supply a comprehensive text on the topic area within the limited number of words was impossible; we therefore decided to expand the book chapter into a textbook. 

The textbook initially began to hide primary traumatic repair, but as we conceived the book chapters, we thought that no textbook on facial trauma surgery would be complete without describing delayed posttraumatic reconstruction. This textbook has been supported the principles and ideas of craniofacial surgery for the care of patients with facial traumatic injuries that were originally described and taught by Dr. Paul Manson, and later expanded upon by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez to incorporate microsurgical applications to craniofacial reconstruction over the last 40 years at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland center. 

I even have also tried to feature my very own perspective and insights, which I even have gained over the last decade treating patients with traumatic facial injuries at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center and at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

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