Facial Aesthetics Concepts & Clinical Diagnosis

Author : Farhad B. Naini

Edition : 1st Edition

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The separation of art and technology has been a relatively latest phenomenon in medicine. In fact, at the best intellectual stages, the humanities and the sciences merge, forming a symbiotic relationship. science and artwork are as carefully sure together because the coronary heart and the thoughts; the mind with out the heart cannot live on, and the heart without the mind is of little need.   

The best artists of the past have been additionally the grasp scientists in their age. a good deal of contemporary medical method has grown out of the extensively enquiring minds and investigations of such people. 

The fusion of art and technological know-how made huge development within the Renaissance, with Leonardo da Vinci rising as the excellent example of the harmonic courting among science and artwork. Leonardo did no longer recollect artwork and technological know-how as separate entities, but felt that they were inextricably related. It become his conviction that the artist needed to hire clinical method and the scientist the gear and observational capability of the artist.


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