Esthetic Implant Restoration in the Edentulous Maxilla

Author : Karim Dada
Marwan Daas

Edition : 1st Edition

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The primary purpose of this e-book is to offer readers a trustworthy clinical guide to help them treat the absolutely edentulous maxilla with newly to be had technology and to efficiently face the real challenge of this scientific state of affairs: obtaining an esthetic integration of the restorations with predictable outcomes. This e book is not a simple description of the to be had healing alternatives; at the opposite, it promotes a remedy method primarily based on standardized esthetic analysis.

This remedy modality specializes in the importance of the preparatory phase and at the great of the unique removable prosthesis, that’s regularly neglected in conventional treatments and might regularly be the motive for esthetic or useful disappointments. it is a important prerequisite to the fulfillment of this remedy. 

This book also describes the possibilities of instant loading, presenting a fixed prosthesis quickly after the surgery, and using flapless surgical operation, all of which can be used to limit as tons as feasible the postoperative problems for the patient. The sizeable illustrations in share to the textual content can also marvel the reader. We chose this presentation because it appears to better correspond to the medical intention of the e book.

We additionally notion it became the only manner to carry the important thing factors had to start appearing this sort of remedy. but, even if this ebook offers a synthesis of data, it isn’t always with out scientific basis. The treatment protocol has been proven by using several peer-reviewed guides and is supported through the preliminary results of lengthy-time period follow-up.


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