Esthetic and Functional Management of Diastema

Author : Ugur Erdemir
Esra Yildiz

Edition : 1st Edition

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Diastemas can negatively have an effect on the sufferers’ smile and can be a major esthetic  issue for patients in addition to observers. In a few situations, closure of diastema in particular in instances with immoderate spaces affords a hard remedy system, and it is not viable to correct diastemas to attain the favored concord, esthetics, and function with out multidisciplinary interventions such as orthodontics and/or periodontology due to the fact neither of the disciplines is capable of accurate this problem on my own. 

Due to recent advances within the artwork and technological know-how of dentistry, there are a variety of tools and treatment options that a practitioner can use. Latest developments in dentistry require multidisciplinary and collaborative treatment  procedures the usage of minimal invasive treatment techniques. 

And those provide clinicians with best remedy alternatives making sure esthetically fascinating, practical, and lengthy- lasting restorations. This ebook represents a comprehensive and multidisciplinary management of diastema by collaboration of restorative dentistry, periodontology, and orthodontics the usage of minimally invasive and purposeful treatment techniques.


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