Essentials of Pediatric Oral Pathology

Author : Mayur Chaudhary
Shweta Dixit Chaudhary

Edition : 1st Edition

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Pediatric dentistry is among the youngest of the branches of dentistry, but has grown by leaps and bounds to command one of the highest summits in dentistry. This e-book is a minuscule contribution to this attempt.

A bankruptcy on Forensic Odontology in children has been protected which also offers with the currently applicable subjects of child abuse and forget about. each bankruptcy has been provided with good enough and to-the-point references for more exploration of the subject by younger enthusiastic minds.

To differentiate among regular and pathology, one ought to be nicely-versed with the body structure. keeping this fact in mind, comprehensive appendices defining the everyday values of various elements in youngsters have been protected.


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