Essentials of Orthognathic Surgery

Author : Johan reyneke

Edition : 2nd Edition

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The positive reception of the primary edition of Essentials of Orthognathic Surgery was gratifying and may probably be ascribed to its concise and to-the-point approach. This second edition pursues an equivalent objectives of the first: to satisfy the requirements of oral and maxillofacial surgery and orthodontic residents in training also as young clinicians curious about orthognathic surgery. 

However, even experienced surgeons will find value within the text to enhance the management and treatment outcomes of their patients. Because orthognathic surgery may be a dynamic field influenced by a continuing increase in clinical experience, accumulation of knowledge domain , and development of esthetic acumen, an update was needed. during this edition, many sections are added, revised, and expanded, and therefore the refore the quality and clarity of the illustrations are improved with the utilization of full-color images and the addition of latest figures and case reports.

The section handling the rotation of the maxillomandibular complex has been expanded. The geometry of its treatment planning is explained thorough , and therefore the expected soft tissue changes for clockwise and counterclockwise rotations at various rotation points are tabulated for straightforward reference. Moreover, the addition of several new case studies helps for instance the concepts of this unique surgical design.


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