Essentials of Oral Biology

Author : Maji Jose

Edition : 2nd Edition

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Oral biology, which incorporates oral anatomy, histology, body structure and embryology is one of the most crucial and useful subjects the various various fundamental technological know-how subjects, inside the dental curriculum. knowledge of this problem widens the intellectual comprehension and strengthens the basic principles of different dental technology specialties. an intensive understanding of this problem is sure to mildew a dental student into an powerful and efficient clinician. 

i’m happy that Dr Maji Jose is bringing out a textbook necessities of Oral Biology (Oral Anatomy, Histology, body structure and Embryology) for college kids pursuing dentistry. Visualizing the integrated perspective of the situation, she has been a success in collecting collectively the various factors of oral organic sciences, which in the beyond were scattered throughout many textbooks. 

i am sure that this e book will be useful for dental students to enhance their know-how in oral biological sciences as well as to assist them to hopefully face the examination. i’m hoping that this paintings will get hold of the deserved attention and encouragement from each dental students and instructors. I desire the writer and this ebook all success.


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