Essential Quick Review PERIODONTICS

Author: Ashutosh Vinita Boloor
Priya Verma Gupta

Edition: 1st Edition

Download Essential Quick Review PERIODONTICS

The ebook offers a whole define for writing an essay type, a brief solution type or a viva voce form of query. The language used is very simple allowing a better knowledge with well-illustrated diagrams anywhere possible. each book additionally carries a section that carries currently asked questions protecting majority of the universities in India. 

What makes it specific from other books is, that it is supported with a supplementary publication for each issue that carries three sections, i.e., definitions,classifications and viva voce overlaying the entire syllabus enabling the scholar to go through a quick revision. 

The study cloth furnished on this e-book is an attempt to offer an extra assist to college students for smooth retention and reproduction of subject in the examination. This e-book is in no way a substitute to standard text books.

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