Essential Endodontology

Author : Dag Ørstavik

Edition : 3rd Edition

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Two infections affect the survival of teeth: those of the gingival/periodontal and pulpal/ apical periodontal tissues. The pain and loss of function that accompany severe sorts of either disease can also severely impair the standard of life in affected individuals. Infections of the pulp and periapical tissues belong to the domain of endodontology. 

While other conditions and diseases form important a part of the discipline, treatment of teeth with pulpitis or apical periodontitis by root fillings or apical surgery constitute far and away the foremost important part. 

Essential Endodontology seeks to integrate basic, biological, and microbiological knowledge of apical periodontitis with diagnostic and treatment practices. the stress of the book remains an equivalent as before. It focuses on the biology and clinical features of endodontology’s most vital disease so as to market ever better approaches to its diagnosis, prevention, and therapy.


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