EMQs for Dentistry

Author : Douglas Hammond
Barry Quinn

Edition : 3rd Edition

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EMQs are an exciting way of checking out expertise. They require a thorough grounding in every problem, and the large wide variety of stems ensures that the capability to ‘wager’ the correct answer is decreased. however, EMQs are hard to write in a way which permits the scholar to narrow down some subjects and the manner wherein they can be tested. This e book aims to cowl a large wide variety of topics which are commonly questioned in dentistry examinations. The solutions and motives need to assist students increase their expertise and additionally identify areas which require extra paintings. hopefully this e-book will be a useful tool for revision. 

This 1/3 edition has been thoroughly revised bringing the questions up to date and relevant for the modern-day postgraduate dental examinations such as MJDF. the explanations have been revised to allow the book to be used as a revision aid as nicely as exercise questions and is now not best aimed at postgraduates and core trainees however also very last 12 months dental students.


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