Tooth Whitening in Esthetic Dentistry

Author : So-Ran Kwon
Seok-Hoon Ko
Linda H Greenwall

Edition : 1st Edition

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‘Esthetic dentistry begins with teeth whitening’. 

enjoyable the desire and demand to have a vivid and white smile is the final intention. A shiny smile not most effective affords a healthy and exquisite affect, however additionally increases one’s interest in oral hygiene care and health, permitting a person to have more social self-confidence. Being able to make a contribution to one of these smile is one of the maximum treasured privileges of the dentist.

This ebook is intended as a guiding principle for destiny and training dentists in addition to dental hygienists. It demonstrates the extensive scope of teeth whitening techniques and the demanding situations they pose with a mess of medical pics and illustrations, emphasizing the efficacy and obstacles of whitening remedies in various clinical conditions. 

the primary bankruptcy starts with a systematic technique to proper analysis and treatment making plans, each of that are essential for a hit whitening remedy. Chapters 2, three and four describe the primary principles and step-with the aid of-step procedures of non-important enamel whitening, domestic whitening and electricity whitening and propose new and unique answers for extra efficient remedy. Chapters five, 6 and 7 display how to combine enamel whitening with different remedy modalities, such as microabrasion, gingival bleaching and esthetic bonded restorations, to achieve closing esthetics in our day by day practice. particular safety and sensitivity issues had been addressed to help dentists save you and overcome issues that can be encountered in certain


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