Shafer’s Textbook of Oral Pathology

Author : Arya Rajendran
B Sivapathasundharam

Edition : 7th Edition

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The periodic and well timed revisions of Shafer’s Textbook of Oral Pathology have introduced out a treatise, nicely conceived and written with the aim of updating the student all necessary nuances of the specialty. The scope of the prevailing version is an extension of this intention aimed at know-how the sickness processes at a greater essential stage, the impetus being the ones in the maxillofacial area. whilst the concern seems greater of loco-nearby nature, because the textual content unfolds, its wider ramifications end up more apparent and the sickness entities described right here appear wider in scope and nature. As in the beyond, this edition has additionally passed through an in depth revision and new subjects had been blanketed. 

A well thought out selection of incorporating ‘slicing aspect’ technology of relevance along with molecular markers and ailment profiling, remains incorporated in the text with the goal of updating the difficulty and making it greater contemporary. Scattered during the text one unearths highlighted ‘boxes’ which stand out, yet merge imperceptibly with the relaxation, denoting advanced records perhaps past the ambit of the undergraduate curriculum. in this way, the text has been user pleasant, even though discriminatory of the scope and desire of its contents. We believe this technique is wise and may be well taken by the readership.


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