DISSECTION MANUAL for Dental Students

Author : Sujatha Kiran

Edition : 1st Edition

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Anatomy is the observe of structure of the human body. The gross anatomy describes the systems as and they’re seen in the frame. The frame is split into six to seven regions and the structures positioned in a selected region are defined in dissection manuals and general textbooks.

This book is geared toward all college students pursuing dental direction. They need to do dissections of Head and Neck and brain. All different important organs are predicted to be studied from the dissected frame. Know how of the basic structure of the body is an essential to apprehend the structure of any vicinity.

Chapter on Head and Neck begins with an introductory observe. This offers an outline of arrangement of structures in that element and their useful specialization. That is followed by way of smaller segments of dissection areas. Each location describes the systems seen in that specific region with a pictorial depiction. This consists of statistics had to discover the systems


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