Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Orthognathic Surgery

Author : Devinder Preet Singh
Shefali Arora

Edition : 1st Edition

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“The human face have to be in perfect harmony and balance in conjunction with perfect functioning of the stomatognathic device…” a view idealized by using Apollo Belvedere, who created the neoclassical Greek sculpture of head and face. however Nature and its vagarities ensure that absolutely everyone are not blessed with ideal faces. 

it’s far for the decision of these imperfections, that Orthodontic treatment is sought. however for patients whose issues are so excessive that neither increase nor camouflage gives a really perfect solution, surgical realignment of jaws or repositioning of dentoalveolar segments is the only desire. surgical treatment isn’t always a substitute for Orthodontics in these patients, as an alternative it must be nicely coordinated with Orthodontics and different dental treatment to obtain properly ordinary results.  

With current advances in surgical generation, it is now viable to treat these patients effectively for whom Orthodontic camouflage might have led to esthetically unacceptable and often volatile effects. This art and technological know-how of analysis, treatment planning, and execution of treatment of dentofacial deformities by combining Orthodontics and Oral and Maxillofacial surgical treatment to accurate excessive musculoskeletal, dento-osseous, and gentle tissue deformities of the jaws and related systems is referred to as as ‘Orthognathic surgical operation.’


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