Dentine Hypersensitivity

Author : Peter Glenn Robinson

Edition : 1st Edition

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The purpose of this book is to gift a case for adopting a person-centered approach in oral health care and oral health analysis. we’ve used dentine hypersensitivity (DH) as a case study, as a result of in many various ways that, it exemplifies the interaction between the person and therefore the sickness, the a part of that person’s body tormented by the sickness, and therefore the society during which that person lives. 

This definition tells United States of America that “Dentine hypersensitivity is characterised by short, sharp pain arising from exposed dentine in response to stimuli, generally thermal, state change, tactile, osmotic, or chemical and that can’t be ascribed to the other dental defect or pathology.”1 This definition reveals that the dental read instantly focuses on pain through abnormal loss of tissue that exposes the underlying dentine. Thus, the definition conjointly tells United States of America one thing concerning dentistry; there’s no mention of the one who has the condition. The omission of the person undermines the definition significantly. First, it encourages the mistaken belief that the diagnosing of DH is objective. 

The definition needs there to be pain within the absence of the other cause. this implies that the person with the condition should establish the pain for the condition to be gift. That person’s perception of pain is predicated on his or her experiences, interpretations, and beliefs. that’s to mention, it’s subjective.


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